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OBEA Meeting 9/11/20

ATTENDANCE Ms. Christi McGahan, president, Mr. Kenneth A. Fischer, Mr. Jack Hodgson, Mr. Scott Hodgson, Mr. Dell McClain, Mr. Mark Norman, Mr. Dean Pearcy, Mr. Lee Williams, and Mr. Markus Zindelo ● Call to Order & Welcome – Christi McGahan The meeting was called to order at 1:06 p.m. by President Christi McGahan ● Approval of Minutes President McGahan said the association is still waiting on the final draft of summer minutes and will approve the minutes at a later meeting. ● Treasurer’s Report – Markus Zindelo Mr. Zindelo gave the following report OBEA’s August beginning balance was $3,724.15 There were no deposits during the month. There was one debit to the account of $10.95 The ending balance is $3,713.20 This is certain to change as dues money comes in. There is an outstanding obligation of $2,000 for the OpenWater software. We now have the checkbook, a check can be written today to pay it-- which, if paid today would bring the balance remaining in the account to $1,713.20. Mr. Dean Pearcy made a motion to approve the treasurer report Mr. Ken Fischer seconded The payment will be sent to BEA-- JD Boyle is the contact for the payment instructions.

● OETA Student Day October 7th, Online --Dell McLain Mr. McClain told the group about the tentative schedule for OETA Student Day. Attendees of all events will have to be pre-registered and admitted so there is no “zoom bombing”. In his presentation Mr. McClain said it will be an all-day online event. Because it is virtual, the number of attendees could he higher. In the past it’s been 80 students. Being virtual, up to 300 students can attend. 8:45 a.m.-noon (tentative) Scholarship interview This will consist of a zoom meeting that will be moderated by Mr. McClain, who will serve as a timekeeper. Each student will be sent a link to the interview meeting with a time they can join. They will wait in a virtual waiting room. The panel will meet with one student at a time, and when the panel has finished an interview, McClain will admit the next student. McClain said he still needs to confirm who the evaluators are, but the committee has four names identified. 12:30- 2 p.m. (tentative) The luncheon would be the first actual event of the Student Day. It will be a digital lunch in which there will be a Q & A session about competition and the categories. Mr. Fischer discussed continuing the programming that was led by former members Rick Lippert and Gwin Faulconer-Lippert. He said he would like to invite the Lipperts to lead the session. He recommended students could participate in an activity in which they would breakout into groups to team judge videos (potentially ones already created by OBEA winners). In the activity, after judging, a member of each breakout group would present how their group rated/judged the videos. Mr. Fischer said he would work to decide who could host the session, with a thought that he and Mr. Scott Hodgson may host it.

Mr. McClain asked that the link to the virtual session be sent to him to include in the registration. 2:30-3:30 – Keynote (time has not been confirmed by OBEA) Keynote Zoom from OETA chosen speaker. End of the session will be the announcement of the scholarship winners. 3:30 scholarship presentation. The families of William “Bill” Thrash and Gene Dillehey will be invited to be present and speak if they would like. Panel Discussion There will not be panel discussions for the Student Day. Rather, the membership institutions are invited to record their own panel presentations and put them on YouTube with the link to the video sent to Mr. McClain. Providing a video is only an invitation and not a requirement. The hope is that the links would become part of an archive that students and faculty could access indefinitely. The proposed themes are—but they are not mandatory: Volunteer members to record media professionals

  • Theme #1: Media in a highly charged time of racial, cultural, and political activism.

  • Theme #2: How do I get work, and how do I do my work in a time of lockdown and social distancing? Submissions can also be other packages member institutions have that they would like to make available to students (interesting discussions and interviews as example).

● OAB Report --Vance Harrison There was no report. ● Student Competition Committee Report---Lee Williams Mr. Williams outlined and discussed possible new categories and reminded members that for the competition, the former wording “television and radio” have been changed to “audio and video” for more inclusivity and to adapt to the changing media landscape. Discussed the new categories proposed: Multimedia Journalism X media Interactive Media Social Media Campaign • COVID-19—the committee discussed if the category should only be about COVID-19 issues or if it should be limited to those students how have only the ability to do their projects remotely in a way that does not allow them to have gear available to them-- students who had to overcome the pandemic to get the project done and tell their stories. The committee said the proposed list of categories will be sent to all members for final discussion and a vote on the categories Oct. 2 The committee tabled discussion of the Breaking News category, The committee also tabled the Best Newscast category – but decided that schools with only occasional newscasts should not be allowed to enter packages that have been edited/ engaged in post production. The packages should be live or live to tape. Mr. Scott Hodgson briefly discussed revisions to current categories. Recommended changes include:

  • Eliminating the :30 or :60 second requirement in favor of maximum length (as social media allows for more flexible lengths) Breaking some very large categories into multiple other categories, such as Narrative and Script Writing. Changing the name of the Promotional Category to Station Programming Promotions. Adding a Promotional Video category for packages over 1:30 because many students are doing the promotional work and would like to enter.

  • Breaking up the Personality Reels category into two -- one that focuses on news and another one that focuses on sports.

  • Splitting the Script Writing category into two – one for shorter scripts and longer scripts. Some discussion of length was about 15 pages for the short category, but the committee said that selection for the category entries should not be “dogmatic”. The group agreed to send out the suggested changes before the next OBEA meeting and have final discussion and final vote Oct. 2. Proxy voting would be allowed for those who cannot attend. Only one vote per member institution.

Once agreed upon, the contest categories, rules and judging information will be presented to students and faculty at OETA Student Day.

● Old Business OBEA Website Update -- Dale McLain Mr. McClain said the shell of the OBEA Website is complete and what is needed is content, To access the site, visit It is a site for competition information and registration. There is video ad up about OBEA Student Day. The OETA Student Day page on the site will have video archive with information about what the videos are (title), where they are from and what they are about. Further, registration information and registration forms will be up on the site soon so that students can register and the member schools can select their single student to put forward for the scholarship competition. ● New Business --Christi McGahan President McGahan briefly led a sharing session for members to explain what they are doing during fall to keep campus labs, TV studios, and equipment safe, and online learning/hybrid approach for fall 2020. Because of the limited time, the group shared some suggestions such as using a light wand for keyboards, using isopropyl alcohol on appropriate surfaces, using plexiglass to separate students, having drive-in style (outdoor) theater productions and having students video other sports related concepts (such as cheerleading) so they can still practice the craft of sports coverage. Motion to Adjourn Mr. Williams made the motion to adjourn. Mr. McClain seconded. Meeting adjourned at approximately 3 p.m

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