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OBEA Minutes 10/0/19

OBEA OETA Meeting 10/9/19 Call to order: President Ross called the meeting to order 10/9/19 12:12p Member present: Carolyn Ross, Andy Gibson, Lonnie Johnson Jr., Jared Johnson, David Jurney, David Nelson, Beth Adele, Bob Dickey, Ken Fischer, Lee Williams, Vance Harrison, Mark Norman, Wendy Brunner, Desiree Hill, Dell McLain. Approval of minutes: Carylon asked for motion to approve the minutes from 6/28/19. Dean makes the motion, Wendy seconds, voted, approved. Treasurer’s report: Tabled for next meeting due to the death of secretary/treasurer Cathy Coomer. OAB Report: Vance Harrison: Our industries are going through changes. It seems senior administration is going through curriculum to provide marketable curriculum. Parents playing bigger role in decision making for school choice and major. Bill Countryman making more money on the video side than from radio, he’s adapted and thriving, many members haven’t adapted. We don’t have all the answers but we know we must adapt. Plenty of money in the pot. Radio and TV have not had a cataclysmic loss as the newspaper. We have to watch the forecast. Vance says he is not worried, concerned, but confused. Young adults vastly different than from 10 years ago. We are willing to stay in the boat with you but its going to be a different boat. Mark Norman: Students talk less about working in radio and TV than ever before. Dean Pearcy: having hard time finding on air radio talent. Lee: young person said to him, if the news is important enough it will find me. They are going to find news where they like it. We are teaching tried and true values on how to shoot and write but we are going to follow them as far as the platforms. Carylon: asked if we are using social media to push media out. Deiree Hill: has a grant to hire a Facebook producer. UCO doesn’t have the man power to push out more news, would like more video than currently on the paper’s website. Dell: received grant to live stream Tuesday morning show.Suggests Rico Studio app/software to hook up iPhones to an iPad, only $6. Vance: the question is, “how do we get a job?” Dell: Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Assoc. looking for people who can do it all. Jarred: sports is hiring just to put out social media content. Vance: you’re seeing their interests, way more diverse. How do we nurture this? Is there a way to integrate into the TV-Radio side. Ken: talking about gadgetry but not about content. Not enough producing content. Just want to talk behind a microphone. Not quality content. Content is still king. Vance: Concern is there a marketable future for this different environment. Lee Williams: How are we going to get them to come to us to watch us. Jarred: The marketplace will answer that. Clicks will follow good journalism. Vance: want to make sure we fill comfortable that we are in this together. We have our challenges. Tragedy that the paper is dying. I don’t want to have this conversation that we went down the same path as the papers went down. Young students aren’t as interested in the industries that can support them as they are in the gizmos. We aren’t as sexy, how do we become cool to the younger student? Lee: ratings half of what they were 14 years ago for newscast. Jared: Talent known from Social media not from the 30 minute newscast. Carylon: lets continue the conversation later because its important. Student Competition Committee Report:

Competition Committee members present: Wendy, Ken, Andy, Carylon. Jarred Johnson recruited to help as well. Wendy: Recruiting judges the biggest hurdle. OBEA members to contact judges on their own. Email your potential judges, get a firm yes and leave Wendy and Andy out of it as of now. Last year, submission deadline approximately second week of classes typically, maybe end of January as date this year. Propose first two weeks of February for judging, then two more weeks to turn scores around. Jarred runs OBEA Sports division competition in Open Water and agrees to serve on committee. More discussion later. OBEA Website Update: Dell happy to help update website. Mark Norman mentioned missing bylaws and constitution. Dues will be through Nancy as usual. Ken mentioned BEA affiliate bill needs to be paid. New Business: Motion to have Andy Gibson serve as secretary treasurer for the remainder of the term due to the death of Cathy Coomer, and Ron Johnson be dropped from the account as he now lives out of state, and Gibson added to account. Dean makes the motion, Wendy seconds, All voted in favor. Dell wonders if credit card could be added as acceptable payment. Carylon will talk with Nancy to see if this an option. Dean makes the motion to send flowers to Nancy as a huge thank you for today. Wendy seconded the flowers, all in favor. Carylon will send official thank you note to OETA and Mark and Dean say a thank you note would be appropriate for OETA from all members. Ken makes the motion, Dean seconds to adjourn. Carylon adjourns the meeting at 1:02pm

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