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OBEA Minutes 7/28/22

Location: UCO campus, Edmond, Ok

Meeting called to order: Daniel Thompson 3:10 pm

Attendees: David Nelson, UCO, Mark Scott, UCO, Beth Adele, OCU, Diana Haslett, OCU, John McGuire, OSU, Mark Zindelo, OCCC, Carolyn Ross, LU, Daniel Thompson, LU, OBEA member of emeritus: Mark Norman.

Election of New Officers: President, David Nelson, VP, Jared Johnson, OSU and Secretary, Diana Haslett, OCU

Nelson presented a plaque for service to Daniel Thompson.

Minutes: There was no record of minutes in last meeting.

Treasurer report: Zindelo shared the budget and believed all were paid on their individual and institutional dues. Duties of treasurer will be passed on to OAB’s Nancy Struby. Report was approved. Discussion on app payments for individual dues was briefly discussed. Zindelo did not mention the possibility to Nancy Struby. No decision has been made on this yet.

OAB Report: Vance Harrison sent a report in an email updating the status of the OKC market. In short, the market is stable financially and job outlook is solid. TV news producers, IT (engineers) and Social Media Content managers are the most sought-after positions in the market. He also briefly mentioned the partnership between Langston and Griffin Communications. There was no discussion on the partnership other than Griffin announced the partnership at the OAB conference according to Mark Norman.

OETA Student Day: Discussion on whether OETA even will be interested in partnering with OBEA was discussed. Mark Norman added that if the financial portion (scholarships and food) is supported by the OAB, OETA may be interested. David Nelson said he would reach out to the OETA leadership to gauge whether they would be interested in bringing back the physical format of the OETA day.

OBEA Student Competition: OAB convention went well. More need to assist in the competition. Jared Johnson told Nelson he would help with OpenWater due to his vast experience with the software. IN an email, Lee Williams said he would participate on the Competition committee. John McGuire suggested getting the judges lined up and contacted well before the judging (typically in January) so there is no confusion. David Nelson has managed OpenWater for the competition the last two years and would like to pass it on to the pending chair of the committee.

OBEA Website: Daniel Thompson passed on the usernames and passwords to the Wix OBEA webpage and the older OBEA webpage to Nelson. Updating content and emails was the highest priority which Nelson said he would do. Discussion led to looking into the cost of someone managing the website. Nelson agreed to manage website for now.

New Business: Baseball game is at 7pm (iHeart Suite). All who want to attend may do so. Thank you to iHeart, the Lipperts and Mark Norman for getting the suites for OBEA. Next meeting will be slated for October.

Meeting was adjourned by Nelson seconded by Ross at 4:35pm.

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