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OBEA Meeting Minutes 10/5/22 (OETA conference room)

OBEA Minutes 10/5/22

Location: OETA Studio, OKC

Meeting call to order: David Nelson, 12:10pm

Attendees: David Nelson, UCO, Mark Scott, UCO, Beth Adele, OCU, Diana Haslett, OCU, Carolyn Ross, LU, Daniel Thompson, LU, Jared Johnson, OSU, Lee Williams, RSU, Kaylene Armstrong, NWOSU, Susan Cadot, OETA, David Jurney, OC, Nate Feken, OU

Minutes: Introduction of new officers, President, David Nelson, UCO, VP, Jared Johnson, OSU and Secretary, Diana Haslett, OCU, Treasurer, Nancy Stuby, OAB. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Approved removal of Andy Wallace and Mark Zindello from OBEA banking account. Nancy Struby, OAB, will be added as treasurer. Treasures report approved.

OAB Report: Vance Harrison, OAB. Radio revenue is up slightly especially with non-metro stations. Radio stations are live streaming videos of high school games on the web. Discussed ATSC 3.0 - microtargeting ads to specific regions. Industry looking for news producers and IT professionals.

Student Competition: Committee formed and competition discussed.

OpenWater management: Jared Johnson, with help from David Nelson.

Contacting judges: Lee Williams - Tulsa area, Carolyn Ross - OKC area

Plaque and certificate coordination: Diana Haslett

Video Component of winning pieces: David Nelson

Event MC and slide show: David Nelson

Committee will examine and update judging rubrics.

OBEA Website: Website and contact email lists updated.

OBEA Payment Updates: Nancy Struby will now accept credit card payments over the phone. The use of Square for payments was discussed, but no decision made. Table for the next meeting.

Adjournment: 1:08 PM

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